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Pecos Bill’s BBQ

Pecos Bill’s BBQ is a family owned and operated business. William H Rupakus, owner of Pecos Bill’s BBQ created his business in 2003. He started experimenting with creating what is now two of his award winning specialty sauces; Hayley’s Wild, Wild White Sauce and Billy’s Rootin’ Tootin’ Red Sauce. These two sauces named after his children were created for barbequing. One of Bill’s good friends suggested that he start selling his product to the public and that is how he got his start.

A few years later, Bill created two more specialty sauces after his other two children; Jenna’s Lemon Garlic Sauce and Lindsey’s Widow Maker Sauce. Bill is an avid hunter and wanted a sauce that would complement meat from various animals, such as venison, rabbit, fish, etc. Jenna’s Lemon Garlic was created for the use of venison among other game meats. Lindsey’s Widow Maker was created for those who love to spice up their foods. The Widow Maker is a hot sauce that is great for creating wings, among other foods.

Prior to Bill starting his business, he served his country in the United States Army from 1983-1994. During his service, Bill was stationed in Korea for 2 years and rose through the ranks to Sr. Drill Instructor, Sgt. 1st class.

Pecos Bill's prides itself in creating a quality product that enhances the flavor of the meats, fish, and vegetables. Customer satisfaction and enjoyment is imperative to Bill, who is constantly searching for new sauce combinations, and for improvements to existing products.


Here are some comments from our customers:


"Chicken that’s kickin'." – John


"Pecos Bill's BBQ is more than just great chicken. It's about involvement in the community – the friends we've made. It's awesome to see the same people coming back week after week because of the friendly atmosphere as well as the food." Alicia Van Cott, employee


"For chicken, ribs, and chops, Pecos Bill's sauces are tops!!!" John Franck


"His chicken is excellent. My kids usually don't like chicken very much but they love his chicken."  Tonya


"Bill's sauces are outstanding! Pecos Bill's food is always cooked to perfection and the service is courteous and friendly." Sal Markarian


"Pecos Bill's made a pork chop lover out of me." Carly Devine


"Pecos Bill's BBQ sauce is the best in northeastern PA. Try it, you won’t be sorry." Judy Stover


"It was just another business meal until I tasted Pecos Bill's BBQ Ribs." John Miskell


"Pecos Bill's BBQ sauce keeps you drooling for more! Finger lickin’ good!!!!" Mary Anne Waddington


"Pecos Bill's BBQ sauce is awesome! It leaves you wanting more – and soon! It's the best I've had anywhere." Marcia Platts


"Your sauce is a wonderful concoction of sweet and spicy…it entices the senses!" N. Henderson





Pecos Bill's BBQ  3353 School Road  New Milford, PA 18834    866-200-6991   607-222-8291